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Our odyssey of entertainment features a young princess of a distant world who must travel the planet Earth to gather its amazing elements. 

Through her journey she encounters mystical and fantastical creatures.  These creatures contort their bodies, entertain her every sense and envelop her into a realm she has never seen before.   A world of magic, myth, and fantasy awaits.  A world that will take you into the realm of a mystical night, a moment in time.  A new world that expands your wildest imagination.  

stars some of the most talented and eccentric European Cirque characters found around the globe and features a gifted cast of singers and dancers.  All of these elements combine to create a spectacular presentation that ignites the mind and the senses.

Prepare to journey and explore our world, prepare to experience


"Quality Is NEVER an Accident,
it is always the result of Intelligent effort!"
-John Ruskin